A New Page

6 10 2010

I’ve been having a bit of fun lately drawing in my interpretation of the style of Raymond Pettibon. It has been quite liberating to restrict my tools to a pot of ink and a brush. It’s also been amusing to come up with Pettibonisms to go with the illustrations. Lately I’ve been relying on the Henry Rollins book 1000 Ways To Die. This book is a collection of one thousand numbered, simple four line poems that compliment the pictures beautifully. This makes sense as Pettibon was a huge influence on Hank the Crank, as he was known in high school, and I think was a major component in helping Henry Garfield make the transition to the brooding Rollins. As Rollins’s poems are so stark and bleak, over the top to be truthful, I find them hilarious and the pictures take on a black comedic quality as a result. I hope you get the joke.

I’ve also signed all of these pictures, as Pettibon used to, but have played with his name so as not to completely plagiarise his work. This has involved coming up with a new pseudonym for each piece so even the kids can get in the fun. Where’s Wally indeed!

Love ’em or leave ’em I’m sure to do a few more until I’ve exhausted this recent obsession. Click on the DRAWINGS tab above to see more. It’s KEN time!




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