Community Art

6 09 2010

The other week I entered a drawing into the Darebin Community Art Show hoping to win myself $3500 and posibly stop working for a little while as I basked in my awesomeness. I didn’t win and soon realised the errors of my ways. My abstract drawing, which I will soon photograph and upload here at Art Thug, was way too esoteric. Next year when I enter I will include:

  • A recognisable local structure or building – Preston Market or Centrelink will do.
  • Some reference to Darebin’s recent history – a pig for example in commemoration of its previous title as ‘Pork Town’.
  • Some reference to Darebin’s indigenous history – boomerang or aboriginal hunter.
  • Some reference to Darebin’s contemporary culture – graffiti or a tram. Not a junkie.
  • Natural, indigenous landscape in its virgin state – some native fauna would be nice as well.

Put all that together in some cohesive way and you’ve got yourself a month off work. Just like anything else in this society, once you understand the rules of the game, you can play to win.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with flyers lately and especially the work of existential genius of Raymond Pettibon. Featured above is one of my lame tributes to the man – this obsession will surely continue a little longer although it has already been going at least twenty years. To see his work in its punk rock heyday I thoroughly recommend you buy the books “Fucked Up and Photocopied” and “Punk is Dead, Punk is Everything” – both by Bryan Ray Turcotte. Essential reading for any flyer drawing geek. Claim it on your next tax return.




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