I am alive!

5 03 2010

Welcome to my new blog. I am a bit green with this type of stuff so bear with me as it make take a while for me to figure out how to use it.

I’ve set the blog out a bit like a website so use the tabs at the top to negotiate your way through it.

Portraits – This page contains a series of small paintings I have been working on most recently. All of the paintings are 180 by 225 mm and are acrylic paint on masonite board. I’ve finished them with multiple layers of varnish which explains the glare on some of the pictures. The subjects are chosen randomly and include actors, friends, criminals, musicians and other miscellaneous faces that catch my eye. The aim is to do 100 of these things – I hope I make it.

Paintings – This page is just a collection of recent experiments in painting and has no real theme running through it. Most of the paintings are oil on canvas but vary enormously in scale. The square aerial looking paintings were done for a Waterways CD which never eventuated and the painting with the aeroplane was meant for the Yawning Man CD but remains on my wall. The painting of the dismembered butterflies represents my old band The Southernhay Orphans. Those who knew us can try to decipher which insect represents which player.

Prints – This tiny collection represents some of my experiments in printmaking recently. They are all music related wood-cuts. The trio of girls on the one page are The Hearts of Soul and the larger individual portraits are of a Christian singing group known as The Lang Sisters – no relation. I apologise for the ‘soft focus’ of these pictures…I’m a terrible shot.

Flyers – This is a wild collection of gig flyers I have done going all the way back to my high school band the Razor Babies. They were followed by Roller Coaster, Toilet Wurm, Up Syndrome, Southernhay Orphans and finally the Bits of Shit – now known as Galeforce. Toilet Wurm were the house band of a fanzine I worked on with the Plainfield Collective called Brown Carnation which is why launch flyers and an exhibition program is included here. I have also included a few small handbills, a T-shirt design, a CD cover and a sticker sheet as they fit the theme of the page. The first Orphans flyer was drawn by artiste Lee Ward when he was in primary school. Check out his blog Dumped TV via the link – if you don’t love it you’re a fool!

Comics – This page is a collection of various comic strips and single frame funnies done for fanzines that I have been involved with over the years. It includes artwork from such esteemed publications as Year Zero, The Moderate, Lemon, Gumboots and Brown Carnation. I apologise to any bands or individuals I may have offended or insulted in these comics. They were drawn during the heady days of the early nineties when you had to be an obnoxious prick to be noticed in the fanzine world. I was one of the most obnoxious who enjoyed ‘the cheap shot’.





4 responses

8 03 2010
Dave Lang

Welcome aboard the good ship Bloggernerd.

8 03 2010

Thankyou my good man. I’m looking forward to the journey.

21 03 2010

love your work!

23 03 2010

Cheers Jonesy. I do love not working.

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