15 11 2010

New band OFF! have produced the best one minute video for my money at the moment. OFF! features a couple of heroes of mine: Keith Morris from Black Flag/Circle Jerks and Steve McDonald from Redd Kross. They play Old Skool hardcore. I love it when old people stay true to themselves. It means they were on the right path to begin with.

Anyway, the video clip for their first single features the magnificent Raymond Petiibon in action. Click the link below and enjoy.


It’s a Blog-off!

15 10 2010

My brother, author of the excellent and indulgent Lexicon Devil blog – of which there is a link to over there—>, has entered the world of competitive blogging. A competition established by Soothers throat lozenges is trying to ascertain what is the best music blog via an online vote. As Dave’s blog is small potatoes compared to many of the others operating out there, and he is a supporter of Art Thug, I suggest you click this link  here and offer your support.

The rules are that every entrant must organise a dream concert line-up and you vote on what you think would be the best concert to attend. It’s a bit like Fantasy Sports for music nerds. Trying to whittle it down to five bands must have been hard but I reckon he sorted out a pretty good line-up. I’d definitely go.

So, log on to the above link, vote for the little guys, and keep culture in the hands of the fans.

A New Page

6 10 2010

I’ve been having a bit of fun lately drawing in my interpretation of the style of Raymond Pettibon. It has been quite liberating to restrict my tools to a pot of ink and a brush. It’s also been amusing to come up with Pettibonisms to go with the illustrations. Lately I’ve been relying on the Henry Rollins book 1000 Ways To Die. This book is a collection of one thousand numbered, simple four line poems that compliment the pictures beautifully. This makes sense as Pettibon was a huge influence on Hank the Crank, as he was known in high school, and I think was a major component in helping Henry Garfield make the transition to the brooding Rollins. As Rollins’s poems are so stark and bleak, over the top to be truthful, I find them hilarious and the pictures take on a black comedic quality as a result. I hope you get the joke.

I’ve also signed all of these pictures, as Pettibon used to, but have played with his name so as not to completely plagiarise his work. This has involved coming up with a new pseudonym for each piece so even the kids can get in the fun. Where’s Wally indeed!

Love ’em or leave ’em I’m sure to do a few more until I’ve exhausted this recent obsession. Click on the DRAWINGS tab above to see more. It’s KEN time!

Community Art

6 09 2010

The other week I entered a drawing into the Darebin Community Art Show hoping to win myself $3500 and posibly stop working for a little while as I basked in my awesomeness. I didn’t win and soon realised the errors of my ways. My abstract drawing, which I will soon photograph and upload here at Art Thug, was way too esoteric. Next year when I enter I will include:

  • A recognisable local structure or building – Preston Market or Centrelink will do.
  • Some reference to Darebin’s recent history – a pig for example in commemoration of its previous title as ‘Pork Town’.
  • Some reference to Darebin’s indigenous history – boomerang or aboriginal hunter.
  • Some reference to Darebin’s contemporary culture – graffiti or a tram. Not a junkie.
  • Natural, indigenous landscape in its virgin state – some native fauna would be nice as well.

Put all that together in some cohesive way and you’ve got yourself a month off work. Just like anything else in this society, once you understand the rules of the game, you can play to win.

I’ve been a bit obsessed with flyers lately and especially the work of existential genius of Raymond Pettibon. Featured above is one of my lame tributes to the man – this obsession will surely continue a little longer although it has already been going at least twenty years. To see his work in its punk rock heyday I thoroughly recommend you buy the books “Fucked Up and Photocopied” and “Punk is Dead, Punk is Everything” – both by Bryan Ray Turcotte. Essential reading for any flyer drawing geek. Claim it on your next tax return.

Getting Out There

30 05 2010

Just letting you know out there in the blogosphere that I am having a show with long-time friend and collaborator, Mr Lee Ward. Lee is responsible for the Dumped TV blog as well as being a very fine printmaker. Etchings are his bag. So, if you’re in the area during the month of June drop into The Prague and check out some lowbrow finery.

I am alive!

5 03 2010

Welcome to my new blog. I am a bit green with this type of stuff so bear with me as it make take a while for me to figure out how to use it.

I’ve set the blog out a bit like a website so use the tabs at the top to negotiate your way through it.

Portraits – This page contains a series of small paintings I have been working on most recently. All of the paintings are 180 by 225 mm and are acrylic paint on masonite board. I’ve finished them with multiple layers of varnish which explains the glare on some of the pictures. The subjects are chosen randomly and include actors, friends, criminals, musicians and other miscellaneous faces that catch my eye. The aim is to do 100 of these things – I hope I make it.

Paintings – This page is just a collection of recent experiments in painting and has no real theme running through it. Most of the paintings are oil on canvas but vary enormously in scale. The square aerial looking paintings were done for a Waterways CD which never eventuated and the painting with the aeroplane was meant for the Yawning Man CD but remains on my wall. The painting of the dismembered butterflies represents my old band The Southernhay Orphans. Those who knew us can try to decipher which insect represents which player.

Prints – This tiny collection represents some of my experiments in printmaking recently. They are all music related wood-cuts. The trio of girls on the one page are The Hearts of Soul and the larger individual portraits are of a Christian singing group known as The Lang Sisters – no relation. I apologise for the ‘soft focus’ of these pictures…I’m a terrible shot.

Flyers – This is a wild collection of gig flyers I have done going all the way back to my high school band the Razor Babies. They were followed by Roller Coaster, Toilet Wurm, Up Syndrome, Southernhay Orphans and finally the Bits of Shit – now known as Galeforce. Toilet Wurm were the house band of a fanzine I worked on with the Plainfield Collective called Brown Carnation which is why launch flyers and an exhibition program is included here. I have also included a few small handbills, a T-shirt design, a CD cover and a sticker sheet as they fit the theme of the page. The first Orphans flyer was drawn by artiste Lee Ward when he was in primary school. Check out his blog Dumped TV via the link – if you don’t love it you’re a fool!

Comics – This page is a collection of various comic strips and single frame funnies done for fanzines that I have been involved with over the years. It includes artwork from such esteemed publications as Year Zero, The Moderate, Lemon, Gumboots and Brown Carnation. I apologise to any bands or individuals I may have offended or insulted in these comics. They were drawn during the heady days of the early nineties when you had to be an obnoxious prick to be noticed in the fanzine world. I was one of the most obnoxious who enjoyed ‘the cheap shot’.